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Sunday, October 31, 2010


I still have a scar

on my finger,

arthritic dreams

and occasional nightmares

Cast along, beside an

ice-strewn river,

with such shallow

wraps against the cold

As seasons seem to spin

through their chaotic

rhapsodies of mind and spirit,

oblivious to their ends

I try my best to

trudge on, toward some

uncertain path, always

in fear of falling

Tripping and tumbling over

half-buried illusions of death,

fingers, like my own,

reaching up to grab hold

Or waiting to awaken me

by tapping at the

frozen windows to all

that I have ever known.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

No Love Lost

Last night, while lashed to the mast,
the last sailor on Innocence
grasped at his own throat in demand of an explanation
as to what had happened to the loveliness of the lady
we had all loved

Now lost, he was last seen, standing caught in mid-thought
against the luxurious sweep of Autumn color,

vanishing behind a gust-crazed cascade of yellow leafs,

no more than one of which could ever have made it

as far as the distant sea

No love is lost.

Thursday, October 14, 2010



My Favorite Magic Word

Tell the world how you want the world to feel.

By Dr. Cappy G James

Proclaim your intention to stop bitching about feeling stressed now.

It is my intention to: live a stress-less, tranquilized life.

Living a fulfilling, stress-less and tranquilized life is what our Source had in mind when we were manifesting our grandest destiny to intend to seem to find a way to have happy and joyous experiences of life on Earth, where I’ve returned to the pure, creative, blissful, nonjudgmental joy that truly is a state of joy and happiness.

When you’re in intention, you’re in your inattentive natural state—the state from which you were created—that feeling of well-being which good drink must have lent to your poor parents that fateful night. How do we return to, and access, this natural state?

The Source! You were created from that state of exuberant joy, peaceful and joyful, at peace with everything you’ve intended and everything in that state of joy you’d have intended if, in fact, you are actually here and you’d determined to match up with your thoughts, feelings, and actions in a pathway to rejoicing with the field of intention; you were created to feel fulfilled and inspired in all facets of your life, gaining freedom from anxiety and stress, in short, being happy and joyful and allowing yourself to be fully alive and to do so on purpose. This moment of your life, which you spend aligned with the all-creating universal mind of intention, is the time when you are here to fulfill the intention to be joyful and live a stress-free and tranquilized life, aware of the need to activate thought responses that match your intention but too drunk to do anything about it. You must become. This new response will become as habitual as alcohol itself, and replace your old habit, when you examine stress-producing events, of responding in stress-inducing ways. You never had a chance: Do I produce stress within me by staying here, lost in thoughts that deactivate thought itself, or do I go to work plastered so as to make this impossible level of stress a tool that will help me replace a lifetime of anxiety and stress with the habit of choosing the right brew?

One magic word: Beer!

Your emotions are a guidance system informing you of whether or not you’re feeling bad about not creating resistance to your intentions, thereby letting yourself know that you’re not connected to the power of intention to be tranquilized and stress-less, to feel good, to know you’re connected to your joyful intentions, regardless of what goes on in and around and around your head or what others expect you to feel when they point at you in your drunken stupor and laugh. If there’s a war going on in Afghanistan, you still have the option to feel good because the economy still goes further into the toilet and you - in the event of any catastrophe - have the option to feel good about flushing the blasted thing. You can feel so good! Feeling good may be an indication that you’re callous, indifferent, or cruel—it’s a choice which you'd rather not have to deal with right now! Say it out loud: I want to feel good in the morning! Then convert it to: But I intend to feel good now! Feel the stress-less-ness? Almost as good as love and respect.

Your Source is to you as beer is to your Source of Beer.

Your conditioned response is to feel bad. Many events will transpire in life which you should be aware of because these outer and inner incidents justify that response. So fuck it all and say these six magic words: I want to feel good, now! In the precise moment you do so, ask yourself if someone just died, laugh, and then try to convince yourself that feeling bad about it isn’t going to make the situation any better. You’ll discover that the only bad feeling you’ve accomplished is that old spinning thing, as you plummet back into anxiety, despair, depression, and of course, stress. Ask the drunk next to you, at that moment, what he or she thinks about all this (especially 'Intention') and you need a new set of teeth. But getting them might make you feel good!

Then you discover that blissfully wallowing in kindness and love is quite different from the bad feeling which you’ll begin experiencing when you’re in vibrational harmony with your ever-shifting emotional state, since the power of intention knows only peace, kindness, and love, as if it’s actually responding to this newly activated thought that your Source might not really be about to cut you off.

All this allows you to feel good, although it may only last a few moments, and you might go back to your previous way of processing unpleasant events: sober. Also treat that old ego-self of yours with respect, love, and understanding - remember that it’s you trying to protect your beer from your perception of its danger of being stolen by that jerk who just knocked out your teeth! Any stress signal (such as a bottle over the head) is a way of alerting you to say the five magic words Give me another beer, please. Stressing about losing the last one to someone's cranium actually gets you your attention! By joyfully repeating, over and over, the five magic words and extending love to your glass of hoppy brew, you’ll have begun the process of fulfilling your stated intention of being tranquilized and stress-less. Now you can practice activating these thoughts in the toughest of moments, like every night at 6, and before long, you’ll be living the message offered to all of us in that good book: “A Bartender’s Guide to Mixing Really Great Martinis”. The word Bartender in this near biblical reference means Source… from which you will achieve the divine assistance of the mind of one intently attending barkeep once you decide on which cocktail might not be inconsistent with that light amber color and clear, refreshing taste of the latest brew you’ve been nursing.

I assure you that your decision to feel good in this way of connecting to Spirits isn’t a different response to events. By feeling good, you become an instrument of peaceful bliss, and it’s through this channel that you become oblivious to your multiple, well-deserved, problems.

Excerpted from The Power of Intending to Stop After the First Six by Dr. Cappy G James. Copyright © 2010.