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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Too Little To Relate

The Goodspeed Opera House finally mowed the swamp the State of CT bought for them. They're still planning on turning it into a 7 story theater and parking lot. Proof that, when it comes to the connected, stupidity sells...

But at least they mowed it this year (or did someone do it for them) - albeit after the ragweed bloomed....

Long past time for those folks to make some changes at the top...

Like us.

Message to America:

He is not a cowboy!!!!

Proud Point: Emily in Washington.

Plans: Local views mixed with all these random odds & ends.

Complaint of the night: NHL shootouts Will anyone ever hold Bettman accountable for what he's done to this great sport? I don't even know if I can still watch.

enough (Congested and confused) for now

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Fall Plantings

This is a great leap into the new (already passe?) world of Bloggers by a certain old fart of relatively indeterminate age. I am blessed with four daughters with a pretty long story about how I got here - and the short-term memory disfunction to save you from it. The youngest, however, was the first to visit and expressed her opinion of it telephonically - something involving the word "moron".
gotta love it

That was before I posted her picture (in my arms on the top left, well before she turned 13). Other personal defects? An RPI (rensselaer) alumnus who flunked math - thereby becoming a member of an unique group of disfunctionals who refer to themselves as 'True Sons', as well as a diehard hockey fan. A Deadhead (an old friend once told me: "Really, Chris, you're not that slow"). Divorced and still paying more than I have for it - albeit much happier even with the guilt about what it did to the kids. Still crazy enough to have more little ratfinks yet enough to accept living with what I've got. Love meeting/helping/talking to people, enough to become fodder for vengeful rumor mongers. Big house with cats and dogs in a cute village threatened with destruction by $$$$-loving opportunists involved with the Goodspeed Opera House. And maybe a few other things.

oh yes, and George Bush is a corrupt, self-righteously indignant, self-serving
and, without question, the worst president this country has ever had
(and that's being too kind)

I will go on at a later date with thoughts/opinions/bad jokes and maybe even a discrete mention or two of anyone/someone I find special enough to deserve my humble praise.

bet you can hardly wait

WARNING: Anyone who knows me, finds this sight and feels inclined to leave less-than-complimentary comments will have their connection to me permanently divulged

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Thursday, September 22, 2005


Welcoming, first, myself