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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Too Little To Relate

The Goodspeed Opera House finally mowed the swamp the State of CT bought for them. They're still planning on turning it into a 7 story theater and parking lot. Proof that, when it comes to the connected, stupidity sells...

But at least they mowed it this year (or did someone do it for them) - albeit after the ragweed bloomed....

Long past time for those folks to make some changes at the top...

Like us.

Message to America:

He is not a cowboy!!!!

Proud Point: Emily in Washington.

Plans: Local views mixed with all these random odds & ends.

Complaint of the night: NHL shootouts Will anyone ever hold Bettman accountable for what he's done to this great sport? I don't even know if I can still watch.

enough (Congested and confused) for now

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