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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Someday Sunday

Yanks just won - sure wouuld like to take Layne down to the Stadium...

Hockey is back - but for the asinine shoot-out and teams in LaLa land, it's good. Betman has done so much damage to the game - if even still exists at the NHL level... I mean, speed up the game? How about reducing commercial breaks during play? Not that it affects who plays how long, momentum/continuity etc. And watch for more lazy laying back waiting for two line passes...

Is there still 30% of us thinking the GOP isn't F_cking up? How??? And how about putting an end to the label games that have been used to manipulate the media for so long now. Intelligent design? Mmmmmm... is that what creationists have evolved into?

Some time I'll get organized with this stuff...

Until then, here's Flash:

Good-looking dude, eh?

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