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Tuesday, December 13, 2011


'wit' is a four letter word...

Monday, December 12, 2011


Entered into the world of Internet sales today... But who will find me???

Friday, December 09, 2011

Coming Soon!

If I were Rodney Dangerfield!
(circa 1979)

Thursday, December 08, 2011

Until Then

Until I attain the last of all uncertainties,
my inner breath will still taunt me with its youth
and only words scattered here and there,
glancing off the aches and pains of age,
will dance away, just beyond my grasp,
as well as your love

Until that final “how?” at which I comprehend
too well and too late to ever understand,
the heartfelt passion of my imagination
will remain bound and flustered by my inability
to be what I can no longer be
so well as you might deserve of me

And until that day drenches me with its finality
and humbles me with its eternal trance,
you might not know me for what I am
any better than I do – or can –
and yet you shall still be you,
embraced by what the years have not cost us.

If I Had Sense

Desperate for funds of any sort, he signed up for AdSense... only to discover that his blog was a target for old age malady advertising!!!

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Russian Friends

I don't want to rush them, but they haven't been on here in six years!

What I Demented To Have Said!

Portable speed limit signs - the "You Are Going..." things...

There are several types of drivers:

1)Dorks - You know them! They're the ones who pull out directly in front of you and then proceed at 20 mph under the speed limit... until they get to that red light, which they drive right through! They either ignore that sign or don't know how to respond to it. Nothing changes! If only we could see inside their heads and figure out what - if anything - is going on...

2) Conformists - There are actually a few - a very, very few who slow down when they see these things! Being cowards, they do this even when they were already driving under the speed limit! Generally thought to be passive, they are - in fact - potentially homicidal! Try passing one! You'll never see anyone speed up from 25 to 65 so fast, especially if there's oncoming traffic! But - mind you - they always  'buckle up'... because it's 'The Law'!

3) Assholes - Thought you'd get left out, did you! Nope! But there are two types. They both, upon encountering one of these contraptions, want to speed up and see how high they can get that reading to be. But the first type is mostly tempted, rarely adding more than 10-20 mph, because there is still a part of them that knows of - and wants to do - the 'right thing'. The second group doesn't give a fuck about anybody but themselves...

Potential Solutions:

a) Junk the stupid things! The only thing they accomplish is increasing the number of rear-end collisions whenever a #1 encounters a #3 from behind..

b) Actually use them effectively - by setting up at least two of them in a row - and then shooting the ones who come to a complete stop and arresting - and permanently revoking the licenses of - the ones who crack 100 mph!

c) Turn them upside down and screw with (almost) everybody's minds...

Thank You,



Walk the Walk

The fink sleeps
in the sunlight,
licking his
tender toes with
slithering dreams

What rare creature
is this, that understands
how to swallow contentment
without belching?

Walk the walk
step by step
in a patterned motion
so complex that
I am one with your feet.

Tuesday, December 06, 2011



Here we are, ready to try something new. But we're too tired and confused to figure anything new out right now.


There we go, no longer able to post anything new. Too figured out to be tired and confused anymore than right now.

So... what?