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Thursday, December 08, 2011

Until Then

Until I attain the last of all uncertainties,
my inner breath will still taunt me with its youth
and only words scattered here and there,
glancing off the aches and pains of age,
will dance away, just beyond my grasp,
as well as your love

Until that final “how?” at which I comprehend
too well and too late to ever understand,
the heartfelt passion of my imagination
will remain bound and flustered by my inability
to be what I can no longer be
so well as you might deserve of me

And until that day drenches me with its finality
and humbles me with its eternal trance,
you might not know me for what I am
any better than I do – or can –
and yet you shall still be you,
embraced by what the years have not cost us.

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