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Saturday, November 13, 2010

To Hell With the Poor

To Hell With the Poor

To hell with the poor

we’ve got a good war

we’ve got a great war to fight

To hell with the poor

we’ve got these great wars

leaving our budget too tight

Let’s take all of our poor

and send them to war

we’ll stand behind them this time

We’ll take care of the poor

we’ll just send them to war

for it’s better the wealthy don’t fight

To war with the poor!

we’ll make money and more

while saving our fortunes and hide

It’s poor against poor

the very nature of war

good fortune will leave us alive

To hell with those poor

always asking for more

what daddy done left me is mine!

So boring, these poor,

not exciting like war

where we served with a wink and a lie

‘Cause heroes aren’t poor

we're the wagers of war

who sit buffing our best parts and shine

So silly, these poor,

to march off to war

so us chicken hawks don’t have to die

To hell with you poor!

get away from our door!

go on back to your vet homes and cry

To hell with the poor!

we’d rather wage war!

so line up, you fools, and go die!

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