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Tuesday, August 09, 2011

The Garcia Moon

The Garcia Moon is coming,
it is half-hidden tonight as it
dances behind the rush of
clouds painting their way across
the silver sadness of the nighttime sky

The second night of August is
written within a song you can
almost feel for the fact that it
is missing, it belongs to those clouds
and that sky, its moon and its wind

There is so much of the human heart
that yearns for that which is more
than human – and so I say that
if I see it in you I will love you for it
and that will be enough – that alone

And when the ghost of love pulls
full around and lifts another gentle soul
from the face of this earth – let it be
no less special than my own, for my time
will come and I can leave only love behind

We are born of it, live our lives
around it, and all too often lose it
to distrust – so helpless. Helpless,
lonely and cold beneath a distant moon
as it watches us, watches us and wonders why

She came and she will go
asking us only what we know.

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