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Thursday, April 07, 2016

Mixed Emotions

The sky is mixed
in light and dark
in clouds as wisps
and solid puffs
of white against
which the thinner
ghosts of darkness
contrast and cross

You’re sorting out
your sanity
in particles
that make no sense
that paint themselves
as part of one
big picture that
rips itself apart

Do you hate it
here so very
much that you could
never love me?
The sky screams rain
and sunlight in
scattered layers
across the valley

Whatever card
you hold you drop
down on the floor
but never bend
to pick it up
for fear that it
might complicate
your situation

Look out below
but not above
reek and wander
like to wonder
like to ask you
where she went to
when she went away

Condense, let go
and, dropping down,
don’t wave goodbye
as if it matters
the waiting’s free
the wonder not
but it’s the chill
that’s bound to kill you.

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