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Friday, April 01, 2016

Two Lovers Lie on Sand

One cloud’s shadow
two lovers lie on sand,
naked to the darkness
that cuts between them

Passion was a smiling ray
of yesterday’s light
against which they wore protection

Enter now a character to fit a name
 – John was a solid one,  
Jack more relaxed,
   Dylan, lord of the sea –
and the salted spray of wind-borne words

– Mary, bland,
Maureen, ethnic,
Martha, lost between her times
    and thus her sheets –

How do you do? – What was your name?
no, wait... your name escapes me
I do not see you
though I wish I might have
for feelings lost are still remembered

Dress again,
wrap yourself in cloaks
to guard against the chill of being known
as if shame was a gift
to be congratulated for

“I am a lovely man,” he said to himself,
rolling over and mumbling,
“Don’t you know me?”

I see a far-off sail
still bathed by the sun
and kissed by wind

“May its lure
never fail me,”
she thought

Was this sand or water?
the sheets were cool,
the distances, spent

 “Love me,”
cooed the wind,
“love me.”

   and then it was gone...
he rolled back over
and kissed her cheek

She smiled,
and squeezed.

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